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Annika Linden Centre is an Incubator for Impact, applying investment incubator principles to high potential social sector leaders to maximise impact, and a regional hub for excellence for social entrepreneurship, non-profit work, and philanthropy, connecting global experts and supporters with outstanding local leaders and solutions.


Annika Linden Centre is built on Inspirasia Foundation's key insight from more than a decade of grantmaking experience to grassroots non-profits across South and Southeast Asia - that it takes more than just grant money to create lasting change for Asia's most marginalised families. The original concept for Annika Linden Centre came up in a meeting between Inspirasia and local non-profit leaders in Indonesia. The Annika Linden Centre was built meet demand from donors to Inspirasia for ways to grant "more than money" - to grant mentorship, expertise, and training - to high potential local non-profit leaders.

Our mission: create & support excellence in social change

Bridge the gap between international excellence and on-the-ground social sector leaders.

Drive efficient allocation, and use, of social sector resources for maximum impact per dollar.

Create and support excellence in social change, wherever we find it.

Disconnection: low impact

The problem.

Grassroots social sector leaders are frequently disconnected from global expertise and networks that could help them achieve their goals: ending problems of poverty.


When these leaders are finally connected to global networks, they frequently struggle to effectively communicate their solutions, their needs, and their challenges to the outside world.

This disconnection...

  • Drives highly inefficient resource allocation by donors, and inefficient use by non profit leaders of social sector capital.

  • Drives lack of trust between supporters and on-the-ground leaders.

  • Drives capital -- financial, human, social, intellectual, and political -- away from the social sector.

  • Reduces impact - and hurts and frustrates everyone.

Supporters of social change such as donors, volunteers, and experts are often equally disconnected from the realities grassroots leaders face every day on the ground.


Largely because of poor access to information, supporters often struggle to identify the most effective interventions, organisations, and leaders. 

More than money: incubating for impact

The solution.

The Incubator for Impact at Annika Linden Centre applies basic investment incubator principles to high potential social sector leaders in developing countries to allow those leaders to access global knowledge, networks and support to reach their own potential - and maximise their long run impact.


Specifically, the Incubator for Impact focuses on:


  • Connecting social sector leaders with global expertise and networks.

  • Connecting funders, experts, and volunteers with pre-vetted, best-in-class interventions & leaders.

  • Increasing understanding and trust between on-the-ground leaders and supporters.

  • Increasing efficiency in allocation and use of social sector capital.

  • Attracting additional capital - financial, human, social, intellectual, and political - to the social sector globally.

  • Maximising impact with the same focus and tenacity a successful business applies to maximising profit.


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