The power of “What IF…”

What IF a prosthetic workshop staffed entirely by the disabled was designed and built by a team of international experts?

What IF a brilliant child with cerebral palsy had the opportunity to achieve her potential?

What IF there was a place where a little girl born without use of her legs could get prostheses, a wheelchair, therapy, and special education, all under one roof?

Inspirasia Foundation:


"Our goal is, first, to create the chance for the disadvantaged to lead a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life. We are not looking to make them wealthy, but to give them the possibility of achieving a better quality of life through access to education, health care and programs that provide new opportunities. The second is to encourage the disadvantaged to use their newfound possibilities. Inspirasia is looking to inspire them and spur them on to reach their potential."

Kadek and her dream

Kadek and her dream

Kadek was born to a working class family in Bali, with a shortened limb that had to be amputated after birth. Kadek would not be allowed to attend public school because of her disability. In 2002 just as she reached pre-school age, Kadek received a free prosthetic leg from PUSPADI Bali and continue receiving a new prosthetic every 2 years. Kadek is 16 years old today, has been #1 in her class every year since her 1st year, and wants to be a doctor.

Galang, a spirited 9 year old boy

Galang, a spirited 9 year old boy

Galang is healthy from birth but suffered serious injury in a motorcycle accident when he was young. Left with physical disabilities and inability to control his emotion made him unable to continue his education. In a model of nonprofit cooperation, Galang received a UCP wheelchair, fitted by PUSPADI Bali, while receiving therapy and education at YPK. After a year of intensive and integrated therapy and education, Galang could control his emotion and able to return to public school.

Komang's story

Komang's story

Komang was born with a minor contracture disability in her right hand – otherwise, Komang is fully functional and very smart. Up until 2011, Komang had never attended school given her mother's financial means and Komang’s disability. In 2011, Komang’s family met YPK. After one year in YPK’s integrated rehabilitation and education programs, Komang learned to write with her left hand and has been studying for her primary school equivalency degree ever since.

Meet Nengah Gata

Meet Nengah Gata

I Nengah Gata was born to a family in East Bali, one of the poorest parts of Indonesia, without even a record of his birth. Today, he is a pioneer of sustainable development in East Bali and a proud member of the first generation of East Bali youth ever to attend an organized education program. EBPP’s schools give students comprehensive tools to educate their communities in the practice of life skills in a region where formal education was previously non-existent.

Putu with her handmade doll - PURE

Putu with her handmade doll - PURE

Putu Restiti, born in East Bali with stunted limbs and unable to walk. Isolated from her community at an early age, Putu’s future changed when Sakti Soediro, a PUSPADI Bali volunteer found and recognized Putu’s gift in sewing and enjoyed making dresses and sarong outfits for Barbie dolls. PUSPADI Bali and Sakti helped Putu capitalize on her passion enabled Putu to break free from her isolation and prove that the disabled can stand proudly on their own.


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