Annika Linden Centre: Results in numbers

30,919 patient and guest visits from opening in January 2013 to December 2014 - an average of 49 visits per working day. 17,158 visits happened in 2014 - 25% growth over 2013 visits.

92 days of trainings,  sector leadership meetings, conferences, and events   for local social sector leaders held and organized at Annika Linden Centre,  approximately 1 event  per week, since January 2013.

Incubator for Impact: 2 cohorts, 5 non-profits, and 49 total staff, receiving more than 1,800 hours of intensive tailor-made training, mentorship & hands-on support in strategic planning, finance & accounting, quality program delivery, donor management, and impact assessment, throughout the year.

Incubator for Impact: Case studies

PUSPADI Bali produces prosthetics, braces, and wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities. PUSPADI is 75% staffed by people with disabilities, giving PUSPADI unique insight into the psychological element of living with a physical disability.

Prosthetic and orthotic workshop

  • The first formal workshop inventory system since PUSPADI's establishment in 2004.

  • Planning and implementation support resulting in PUSPADI Bali’s successful upgrade to international standard prosthetic components, completed in 2014.

  • Recruitment of four international prosthetist-orthotists as PUSPADI Bali workshop staff to date, increasing workshop staffing by 50%.


Strategic partnerships creation and management

  • JSPO since 2011 (resulting in steady stream of qualified resources for the workshop)

  • Dutch orthotics production house & orthopedic surgeon (ongoing training)

  • D-Rev since 2012 (medical pilot of new prosthetic knee tech)

  • UCP Wheels since 2011 (distribution and audit quality of wheelchair provision and client assessment process)

  • Kamer Orthopedics & Noppe Orthopedics since 2013 (workflow analysis and hands-on ongoing quality control training for management and technical staff)


YPK Bali runs an integrated physiotherapy clinic, and a daily life skills education program for children with disabilities that integrate classroom education, life skills, and rehabilitation. 

YRS is a free women’s health clinic inside Bali traditional markets, staffed 95% by Balinese women.

Rehabilitation clinic

  • Re-focus therapy on progress towards set goals rather than client comfort.

  • Revised therapist-to-assistant staffing ratio for cost savings and to reduce patient bottlenecks in clinic scheduling.

  • Increased focus on client assessment, recordkeeping, and case review. 

  • Successfully recruited 24 months Australian government funded in-house OT trainer for clinical standards and skills & technical training.


Special needs life skill education

  • Increase focus on tangible everyday life skills over book education.

  • Implement basic business education activities for “graduating” students.

  • Apply clinical improvements to children’s therapy.

Strategic growth

The Incubator for Impact supported YRS Bali to create a strategic growth plan that resulted in the opening of YRS’ first new clinic since 2004.


  • 2004-2012, one clinic with no active plans to open additional clinics.

  • 2012, YRS made its first plans to open additional clinics.

  • 2013, the first expansion clinic opened with successful funding partnership between foreign donors, local business and local government.

  • 2014, continued with mobile clinic service in Singaraja, North Bali.