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Our investor

The Annika Linden Centre was imagined and initial capital was provided by the leadership of the Inspirasia Foundation, who with more than a decade and US$12 million in grantmaking experience in Asia, imagined a place in Southeast Asia that would support and mentor outstanding, high potential local non profit leaders with knowledge, training, and infrastructure to develop quality services for the poor and grow solutions to problems of poverty.


Built on the principle of better business through philanthropy, and better philanthropy through business, Inspirasia invests long term cash grants alongside training and expert support for maximum impact. As a commitment to its 'more than money' philosophy in philanthropy, Inspirasia invested in the Annika Linden Centre.


Inspirasia's investment in the Annika Linden Centre as a business was led by Inspirasia's Founder & Chairman Mark Weingard, a successful serial entrepreneur and investor.

Recent partners

Partnerships and insight-driven collaboration are the cornerstone of our mission to create and support excellence in social change.


Australian Government funding has been instrumental in connecting outstanding local  leaders with experts and hard-to-get equipment, enabling their local non-profits to train their staff and  deliver more impactful programs.  

Annika Linden Centre's strategic partnership with Reade Rehabilitation - one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the the Netherlands - brings in expertise, knowledge and resources required to enable our non-profit partners in the disability sector to deliver a quality therapy and rehabilitation services to low income families.


A team of eleven Reade experts, including physicial therapists, occupational therapists, a speech therapist and a social worker are delivering 3 years of physical therapy and rehabilitation training and support to local therapists and special education teachers through partnership with the Annika Linden Centre.

Exceed Worldwide - formerly known as The Cambodia Trust - is the global leader in changing the lives of people with disabilities. Exceed's global team of experts have successfully established four schools of higher education in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics - in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, and Indonesia. 


In 2012, Exceed established the Jakarta School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (JSPO), the first internationally accredited prosthetic and orthotic school in Indonesia's history. They have played an instrumental role in the Annika Linden Centre since the earliest stages, when JSPO professors helped design our facility. We have proudly seen five of JSPO's first graduates hired into jobs inside the Annika Linden Centre. Today, the Annika Linden Centre continues to work closely with the Jakarta School of Prosthetics and Orthotics leadership, teaching staff, and students.


Internship Bali and Annika Linden Centre partnership's have created a steady stream of skilled interns with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation expertise into local non-profits. Interns work directly with local staff to increase the quality and teach emerging techniques of therapy in Indonesia.


D-Rev is a San Francisco-based non-profit product development company that designs and delivers products to people living on less than $4 a day. The Annika Linden Centre and D-Rev have collaborated since early experimental phases in piloting the ReMotion Knee, rugged, ultra-low cost prosthetics technologies for some of the world's poorest amputees. The ReMotion Knee is expected to go into production in 2015.


BIMC HOSPITAL is Indonesia's first ever Australian-accredited medical facility. BIMC provides a a full suite of health services performed by specially trained medical teams in two dedicated facilities in Bali. The Annika Linden Centre and BIMC have partnered since 2014 to make sure local health non-profit leaders and staff have essential first aid and medical training.


The John Fawcett Foundation and its Indonesian counterpart, Yayasan John Fawcett (formerly Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia), is a humanitarian foundation which assists Indonesian people in need, particularly those with medical problems. The John Fawcett Foundation and the Annika Linden Centre work together on special patient cases that involve coordination across several different local non-profits.


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